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Doodle Jump makes the leap to 3D


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Doodle Jump Galaxy is a 3D arcade platformer where you have to try to reach the end of each level. You'll do this by jumping nonstop along the ground and collecting all the coins, stars and other elements you find along the way.

The controls in Doodle Jump Galaxy are practically identical to the original Doodle Jump, despite the updated 3D graphics. You just have to tilt your device from side to side to move your character, while he jumps nonstop.

In this version, the game is divided into a series of levels with a beginning and an end. In other words, you won't just play until you inevitably die. Instead, your goal is to cross the finish line safe and sound. In fact, you can make your way through dozens of planets, packed with levels for you to complete.

Doodle Jump Galaxy is a simple, fun, and attractive arcade game that's made a smooth transition to three dimensions.
Doodle Jump is back with a new game, this time in 3D!

A lot has happened since Doodle Jump first appeared in 2009. The game from Lima Sky became one of the most important mobile videogames thanks to its extreme simplicity and adequate use of the accelerometer. Fast forward nine years, and our friend Doodler is now back in 3D with Doodle Jump Galaxy. Although the game is still in Beta, you can download it from Uptodown right now without any geographic restrictions. 
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